Volume 7 2018

Description on Research Article Introduction Section by Computer Science Researchers in Malaysian Private Universities 
Ina Suryani, Norkhairi Ahmad, Faharol Zubir, Norlizawati Ghazali and Eunice M. Aclan

Investigating the Process of Acquiring Communicative Competence by an LEP Adult in a Natural Setting
Abdul Mutalib Embong, Salina Sabri, Azelin Mohamed Noor, Zulqarnain Abu Bakar, Nur Arfah Abdul Sabian, and Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaccob


Effectiveness of Dictation Method in Developing English Vocabulary Size: A Study of the 1st Year Business Administration Students, Diploma Program, Rattaphum College, RMUTSV 
Aree Tehlah


An Everlasting Colonisation: A Postcolonial Reading of Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place 
Kamkaeo Maneerot


Teaching Technical Report Writing as Aesthetic Pursuit: An Innovative Approach 
Ahmad Nazri Abdullah and Maznah Abu Hassan


Examining the Women Issues and Child Abuse as Mirrored by Arundhati Roy’s the God of Small Things 
Danish Suleman and Abdul Halim Mohamed